I sometimes find myself wondering what my life would be like if I wasn’t born with Cerebral Palsy I wonder how I’d be different if I could walk, run, Drive a car, or just simply use the bloody toilet by myself.I think about how I would be different. I call this “Mourning For A Shadow” If I focus too much on what I do not have, or what cannot be done I will fall down a depressive rabbi hole from which I cannot easily extricate myself. My disability has taught me a lot about a Mindfulness and disciplining my own thoughts.

Here are some tricks that help me if I find myself focusing on the negative.

1. I stop what I’m doing.

2. Get away from the current environment.

3. Focus on one good thing that happened that day until I’m calm. Then my attitude will change over time.

What do you do if you mourn for shadows?

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