Do you know the difference between a handicap and a disability? Well, I do. So, so I’ll tell you. a disability, is a condition which effects how someone is able to live their daily life.Cerebral Palsy effects my daily life because it affects my ability to walk. A handicap is a disadvantage. My disability is only a disadvantage only if my wheelchair is broken, or cannot be used because of some other situation.
It has been my experience that my disability can’t be fixed, that which handicaps me can be fixed. That’s a good thing.

What handicaps me could handicap anyone. I am mostly handicapped by thought, or in some cases, lack of thought. Living with a disability has taught me the value of forethought and planning ahead. For example, my disability requires that I use a wheelchair accessible bathroom. But, what if there aren’t any wheelchair bathrooms where I’m going? if I don’t want to be handicapped by this unfortunate situation, I can take care of business before I leave my house, which, coincidentally, does have an accessible bathroom! 🙂

There is no such thing as a ‘handicapped person’ because handicapped is a label that should apply to situations, not people. Yes, my disability has placed me in many situations where I’ve been handicapped, but the situations were usually surmounted by adequate planning and forethought.

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  1. Hi Eparkin1208,

    With your question? I honestly tell you no. If someone will say handicap, that’s automatically understood to be a person with disability and vice versa. Who cares to know? Even me don’t but with this article that you’ve posted? It’s an eye opener, not only with the difference of the two but the real meaning of being a person to be disabled. Thank you so much for posting this and letting us know about more about it. Off to share this now. Keep on posting.

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