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The shape changing idea!

Joseph Cambell discovered the is a template that can be used to deconstruct every myth of every culture in the world. Heroes, villans gods, demons, these are tools used by people to construct explanations for things they don’t understand.

Shape-shifting is a common ability for mythic gods. They could change themselves to fit in any situation. Ideas can do the same thing. They can help us through any situation as long as we think clearly and with purpose.

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The Story Question

Myths are parables. Myths exist to explain the unexplained, an answer the unanswerable. Central to myths are lessons. The Monolithic hero, usually has something about him which separates him from all those around him. He must go on an epic journey in order to understand why he is different He comes back with knowledge to improve his life and that those around him. Usually the story question involves learning how to accept his uniqueness and through his acceptance, solve the problem.

The story question is the foundation of the whole story. It is answered at story’s end.