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Igniting The Fire Of Creativity

Art, any kind of art comes from ideas. So, how do you have ideas? How do you start the creative fire burning? Well, in my experience, ideas come from experiences. Artists, especially Authors, draw their inspiration from things that happen to them. Inspiration can also come from things they read or people they know. If you have an idea, its important to work on it everyday. History shows that when one takes the seed of creativity and waters it with sweat. It can flower into something special.

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What stops us?

What stops us? What keeps us from realizing our potential. There will always be things that. hold us back Some of them we can control and some we can’t. But, in my experience the hardest obstacles to get past are the ones we put in front of ourselves. How do you stop or subdue the negative self-talk and messages you hear? Especially from yourself?

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The Difference Between a Handicap and a Disability

Do you know the difference between a handicap and a disability? Well, I do. So, so I’ll tell you. a disability, is a condition which effects how someone is able to live their daily life.Cerebral Palsy effects my daily life because it affects my ability to walk. A handicap is a disadvantage. My disability is only a disadvantage only if my wheelchair is broken, or cannot be used because of some other situation.
It has been my experience that my disability can’t be fixed, that which handicaps me can be fixed. That’s a good thing.

What handicaps me could handicap anyone. I am mostly handicapped by thought, or in some cases, lack of thought. Living with a disability has taught me the value of forethought and planning ahead. For example, my disability requires that I use a wheelchair accessible bathroom. But, what if there aren’t any wheelchair bathrooms where I’m going? if I don’t want to be handicapped by this unfortunate situation, I can take care of business before I leave my house, which, coincidentally, does have an accessible bathroom! 🙂

There is no such thing as a ‘handicapped person’ because handicapped is a label that should apply to situations, not people. Yes, my disability has placed me in many situations where I’ve been handicapped, but the situations were usually surmounted by adequate planning and forethought.

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What is Litereture?

Literature is something that makes you think. Art makes you think. Art makes you feel. Literature, Art, can warm the mind with thought, water the heart with feelings and allow opinion to bloom. When I read Literature I am changed by the experience. I think true Literature shines a light on societal issues and can serve as a catalyst for change.
How would you define Literature?

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A different perspective.

I am trying to write a story where a woman is the main protagonist. She is the assistant to the male protagonist of my last story, at the finale of the aforementioned piece, he went ahead and did something stupid and got himself in trouble. So, now she has to go rescue him. The thing is, I want her to be a realistic woman. I don’t want her to be a caricature of what men think women ought to be. I want her to be authentic and realistic. The problem is I am a boy my perspective on what motivates a woman to act is probably a wee bit inaccurate. I don’t think anybody understands the opposite gender as well as they think they do. So here’s my question. Does anybody have any advice on how to write realistic female characters?

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The R Word

I want to write about something hard. I want to write about something that I don’t like, something that many people don’t like, and rightly so, for it is hurtful and mean and should be eradicated from the human Lexicon. Unfortunately they’re a lot of words like that but the one I’m going to talk about is The R-Word, Retard.

Have you looked up the meaning of the word Retard? To retard means to slow, not stop, to slow. People seem to to think that if someone is mentally challenged they’re an idiot. That is simply not true, at all, in no way, shape, or form.

I remember being in the fourth grade and accidentally running my wheelchair into a wall because my school lunch room was too crowded. I hit the wall and people were trying to get around me. I remember a snide voice calling out, “Please let the little Retard go.” He wanted to leave the cafeteria I was unintentionally blocking the doorway. I confronted him and asked “Why did you call me that?”
“Because you’re helpless, you can’t even walk right.” Then, he walked away.

That experience broke me. It broke me. I was able to be put together again, but I never saw myself the same way after that. It hurt, it taught that being different can be hard, being different can hurt.

People can come in all different shapes and sizes We need to remember to raise people up, not tear them down.

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Beta Reading

I used to be a web designer. Any one of them will tell that its important to have other people look at your site and notice the bugs before you put it on a live server. There’s a similar process that goes with writing. Several people have read my manuscript and each one of them have noticed new problems that need to be addressed. These suggestions force me to think critically about my work and turn in a better product.

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Writers Block

What do you write about when you don’t know what to write about? Writer’s block of course! They’re times when the well of imagination simply runs dry. What do you do during those times? Well, speaking for myself, I simply try to knockdown the blocking wall and power on through. Forcing myself to write, usually starts my brain gears moving. On those days when inspiration is especially slow in coming, I usually get on the internet and watch a fun YouTube video, or listen to a public domain, audiobook, like Dickens or Moby Dick or treasure Island. What do you do to conquer writers block?

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Outline, or not

When I was in school and writing academic papers, outlining was a necessary skill I coulo use to properly organize and structure information in my papers. But as I’ve begun to write fiction, I’ve noticed that too much outlining and structure can inhibit creativity. I’m not sure whether to outline or not. How do other writers feel about outlining?