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January 28, 2016 • eparkin1208

I want to talk about embarrassment. Its a hard thing with which to contend. We all have to deal with it many times in many situations. The trick to coping with embarrassment is to understand that it is an internal force. Embarrassment works by eroding the foundation of self-esteem. If a person is comfortable with themselves the actions of other people can’t embarrass them.

a couple of weeks ago, I went to the mall for coffee with a friend. I needed to wait. So I ran around the mall for a while. While I was doing that, three different children asked their parents What was wrong with me. Each of their parents chastised them loudly enough for me to hear. I was neither embarrassed nor offended by their question, in fact, I would have gladly answered them. The children asked their question because they saw someone who looked different and wanted to understand why, not because they wanted to cause pain or embarrassment.

If our society wants children to learn tact and discretion, they need to be given an opportunity to exercise and hone that skill. We also need to teach them that being different is alright. One of the ways we can do that is to indulge innocent childish curiosity. What do you think those kids learned by being chastised the way they were? They could have learned not to look at or speak with people in wheelchairs. They may ignore them in the future. That doesn’t make my life easier, and, more importantly, it won’t make their life easier either. It will only perpetuate their ignorance and fear. We need to let children be children, despite potential embarrassment. If we do that, life will be better for everyone.

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The Purpose of Metaphor.

January 9, 2016 • eparkin1208

What is the purpose of a metaphor? I was taught that memories are like signposts for stories. They are points on a road that connects ideas. This is especially useful when writing fiction because a well chosen metaphor can bridge the gap between reality and fantasy. First talk about something about in the fictional world and use a metaphor to tie it, with a strong knot, to something the reader understands, so that it draws them more deeply into the narrative. It is possible, however, to use to many metaphors. You bog down the story and the audience becomes board. How do I strike the proper balance between action and exposition?
Any ideas?

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Happy new Year

January 1, 2016 • eparkin1208

Happy New Year Everyone!

I’ve had a relatively productive year. I am very proud of finishing a fifth draft of my manuscript and sending it to a Beta reader. Its hard for me to put myself out there like that. So, when I get up the nerve to show my work to someone, I feel proud. Writing has been challenging but its a challenge I can meet. What are some of your resolutions for 2106?

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