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June 24, 2015 • eparkin1208

Editing is an important part of any project. I don’t want to present my work to publishers until its the best it can be. Every reader to when I’ve sent it, has suggested improvements, most of which, I have agreed to and made. But how will I know when its ready to send out?

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Beta Reading

June 15, 2015 • eparkin1208

I used to be a web designer. Any one of them will tell that its important to have other people look at your site and notice the bugs before you put it on a live server. There’s a similar process that goes with writing. Several people have read my manuscript and each one of them have noticed new problems that need to be addressed. These suggestions force me to think critically about my work and turn in a better product.

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Writers Block

June 6, 2015 • eparkin1208

What do you write about when you don’t know what to write about? Writer’s block of course! They’re times when the well of imagination simply runs dry. What do you do during those times? Well, speaking for myself, I simply try to knockdown the blocking wall and power on through. Forcing myself to write, usually starts my brain gears moving. On those days when inspiration is especially slow in coming, I usually get on the internet and watch a fun YouTube video, or listen to a public domain, audiobook, like Dickens or Moby Dick or treasure Island. What do you do to conquer writers block?

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