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January 25, 2015 • eparkin1208

Conflict, It the bedrock of Drama. Drama is a contradiction. It can bring pain and fear, but, it also makes life interesting. Interest and engagement brings us excitement and pleasure. That’s why we read novels or, watch plays an TV shows. It seems to me, that we, as human beings, gravitate towards drama even as we try to avoid it. We like to experience drama vicariously but not as much directly. Like it or not, drama is a part of life.
I deal with a lot of drama in my life. Some of it is forced on me by circumstance, but, some of it is internal and comes from myself. I’ve struggled with certain aspects of myself for most of my life. I deal with Cerebral Palsy. It is a disability that makes it difficult to walk, talk hold things, and move, that can make easy things hard and hard things harder. I hate it, truly hate. They’re are times when i have begged, literally begged, every god and spirit that has ever called to the human soul to change me. I know what anger is because of Cerebral Palsy, I know what fear is because of Cerebral Palsy, I know what frustration and jealousy are, because of Cerebral Palsy It also teaches good things: Patience, empathy, humor, perseverance, and non-linear thinking.
As much as I hate it, I say ‘hate it’ because its the closest phrase I can think of to describe my feelings about the matter, I’m also aware that I wouldn’t be the person I am, without Cerebral Palsy. You can see where internal conflict arises.

So, how do I deal with this internal conflict? Its difficult. Sometimes, it gets the better of me. Each challenge I have to face molds my self-image as sculptor molds clay. I get to know myself through each challenge I face. I have found that writing is a great outlet for voicing things things that I can’t externalize verbally for one reason or another.
I am writing about an Elf who is an outsider. He must live in a world that isn’t made for him. By the end of the story, he learns that if he wants to succeed, he must turn what he perceives as his weakness into his strength. When he does that, his inner conflict resolves itself. Maybe, if I can do that, my own inner conflict will likewise resolve itself.

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Try Not! Do, or do not!

January 14, 2015 • eparkin1208

The greatest stories contain life lessons It was true of our ancient myths and it is true of popular culture today. Star Wars, for example, has always been my favorite movie. My favorite Star Wars character has always been Master Yoda. One of Yoda’s most memorable lines was, “No! Try not! Do, or do not. There is no try!” Have any of you ever stopped to consider what that means? I think Master Yoda said it to try to get Luke Skywalker to banish self doubt from his mind and concentrate all of his effort on his task in the present moment. I will put it another way. If I say, “I’ll try” that means I don’t truly believe I can succeed. When I don’t succeed I can give myself an out by saying “I tried” It doesn’t matter if you’re learning the ways of The Force, or publishing a novel, this lesson can still apply.

I am not going to “try” to publish a novel. If I think of it that way, the task will be big daunting. Instead, I will break the task down into manageable tasks and do what I am able to do. This is what I will do to publish my book.

1. Write more stories to hone my craft.

2. Read more and notice things that other writers do and use their techniques to improve my own manuscript.

3 Have other people edit my work.

4 Research publishing companies and other avenues.

5. Persevere, don’t give up.

May The Force Be With Me. There’s lots to do.

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